>The Great War of Paderno

>Me: If you were in a fight, and could only have cooking utensils as a weapon, what would be the best?

Mom: Pizza cutter.

Me: Ok, that’s not even fair.

Mom: Pizza cutter.

Me: What if we were only allowed Paderno utensils?

Mom: The whisk!

Me: That’s not what I meant. The whisk is metal. The Paderno utensils are black and plastic.

Mom: But I bought the whisk at Paderno.

Me: I’m going to go with the spaghetti thing. It’s pokey.

Mom: I will whisk you!

Me: Although, the potato masher looks promising. It’s sturdy.

Mom: But the handle isn’t very long, so you’d have to get pretty close to someone to do any sort of damage.

Me: True. The spatula would be best in terms of proximity.

Mom: I will whisk you!

Me: I will stick my spaghetti thingy in your whisk, leaving you useless, and then go in with the potato masher attack. I win!

Mom: Not if I have the pizza cutter.


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