>I blame Mitch

>At work we have a weather board that hangs outside of the office. I’ve claimed it as my job this year because it involves pretty coloured markers and drawing happy sunshines. The boss’s daughter’s boyfriend works at Environment Canada, so we are forbidden to use anything but that site to acquire our weather information.

This is what I found for Friday’s weather:

Okay….I get that red means high and blue means low. That’s just common sense. But wait…I see a sun, a rain cloud and a storm cloud. May I ask…there is a sixty percent chance of what, exactly? Sun? Cloud? Maybe some drizzle? What about some lightening? Oh wait! I’ve got it now! It means that there is a sixty percent chance that they have no idea what the heck they are doing. Thanks, Environment Canada!


8 thoughts on “>I blame Mitch

  1. >AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAI know exactly what you mean about the Environment Canada website…half the time they don’t even have both the high and low, they just have one or the other…I remember one year, Mitch predicted that there’d be a thunderstorm in 20 minutes. Lois scoffed and kept telling me there’s no way he could predict it that accurately…and sure enough, there was no thunderstorm at all that day :)

  2. >I hat to be a know it all (kinda) but the % is the chance of precipitation. Also, I wish I could see your weather board — I’m sure it is prettier that the actual weather!

  3. >Kristi, I decided to blog about this when I got home from work (it was really slow) and then I came home and read yours and thought that it was kind of eerie :o)Joanna – “…Is Darci here?” hah oh boy. They’re still dating apparently, because we haven’t had to switch to the weather network.

  4. >that was the best thing to read. Oh weather… how you escape me. I’m thinking that being a weather person in England wouldn’t be too bad… 90% chance rain… every day. Not too hard.

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