>Betty Crocker would have trouble

>My week long hiatus from blogging is because I was pretty sick. It wasn’t fun. I don’t want to talk about it any more.

This week has been busy with preparations for the cottage this weekend. Mom wanted to bake her famous secret family recipe cookies (I’m sure you’ve tried one before…I hear they’re quite fantastic) gluten free this time so that I (and Annie) could have some. However, she was finding herself tired and employed me to mix the dough. I’ve discovered why these cookies are a secret family recipe, and get ready, because I’m about to share the secret….ready?

The recipe is completely illegible.

Just a list of ingredients (some misspelled) in a strange order (not normal cookie ingredient order) with no instructions other than how hot to bake them. Mom then starts giving me all these whacked out instructions that no one would ever write down because they’re just plain weird (yes they are, Mom) and she ended up doing most of it any way. Secret family recipe can stay secret. Mama Bast, you keep making those cookies because I don’t want to go through that again.


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