>I’ll be leaving for my 17th annual (plus or minus one) entire summer spent at the cottage trip on June 20th. We’re leaving about a week earlier than normal and I don’t have to waitress or scoop ice cream this summer…exciting! Also, for the first summer in 17 years, we will have internet!!!! At the cottage!!!! I will no longer have to sit in the corner of the office and have grumpy old lady who checks her email three times a day breathing down my neck…this is marvelous! This means consistent blogging from yours truly, and I can almost guarantee amusing stories! And pictures! Maybe videos! Hoorah!

Be excited, folks. I am.


4 thoughts on “>news!

  1. >I like your summer blogs! and more of them now! yay.PS – I am also amused by the fact that almost all of your posts are tagged ‘excitement’

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