>Signs of Spring

>The other evening, when I arrived at my place of residence, I was met by my mother at the door.
“There is something you need to look at in the backyard,” she said.
“Well, what is it?” I wasn’t in the mood for guessing games.
“You just have to see it yourself.” She looked rather somber as we walked to the back window.
“What, is there a dead body in the backyard?” I asked, scoffing.
“Well…” she started as she flipped on the light. This is what I saw:

You may remember Professor Peppergrape. He was a good man.

In other news…I’m knitting a sock. A SOCK! I’m using merino wool that was half price. MERINO! HALF PRICE! I think I would like to marry this merino wool. Look how pretty it is:

I’m so excited about my little sock. I think this is what it feels like to have a child. Except children probably take more than forty hours to make. Or wait…maybe it doesn’t take that long to make children but….well, lets not get into that now.


6 thoughts on “>Signs of Spring

  1. >I thiknk your initial statement of “it take more than 40 hours to make children” is correct. A stew isn’t a stew when you finish putting the ingredients together. You have to let it simmer until you’ve “made” the stew. babies also need to simmer. or something.

  2. >trust me my dear…it’s much more painful to have a child than to knit a cute little sock…even if it’s a beautiful merino sock. but on the up side it’s always useful to be able to use the line “but i gave birth to you” for leverage!! as for your “forty hours to make” comment…did we forget to have “the talk” with you?? well…there’s not enough room here for that…so…

  3. >I don’t think you ever gave me the “talk”, but I remember getting a book that was written in the 70s…big hair and bell bottoms. Also, if I wasn’t scarred – oops I mean educated – already, family dinner on Sunday night did the job.

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