>why I love CYF* girls, part 2493

>In the MINS lounge, our regular hang out spot, someone mentions something about Seniors Nude Swim in Toronto somewhere, which leads to a discussion of pool sanitation, which spurs us to talk about little kids peeing in pools.

Amy: I wonder if your eyes would burn if you opened them.

Anna: Well, is urine acidic?

Trista: Well, are you swimming in a pool of entirely pee, or a regular swimming pool, and someone has just peed in it?

Amy: Oh…I don’t know.

Me: I’ll go with the entire pool of pee.

Britt: I think it would burn.

Trista: But what about if it splashes up in your eye?

Me: How…would….what?

Becca: You’ve had some interesting babysitting experiences, haven’t you?

We were unable to come to any sort of a conclusion. What do you think? Burn, or no burn?

*CYF = Child, Youth and Family


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