>In response to Kristi’s blog, or how I don’t really want a pony

>The Bairstow Boys have me thinking in terms of dual titles, and Kristi‘s post got me thinking about my childhood.

Before my birthday or Christmas, my mother always informs me that she needs a wish list. When I was little (and by little, I mean age, not size…quit giggling) this meant flipping through the Sears catalog and writing down the page and product number of each item that I fancied. The standard items on the list always included Moon Shoes and one of those unnecessarily elaborate doll houses that I knew I would never use. I just liked the tiny furniture, and the tiny chandeliers that actually lit up. They made me feel like the Big Friendly Giant. I never got any of these things, but it’s probably because my mother knew that I didn’t actually want those things, but I just had high hopes of feeling like an astronaut or abnormally tall.

I also had wishes on my list that could not be found in the Sears catalog. The first, a baby grand piano and the second, a puppy. I got my puppy request on my ninth birthday when my parents bought our wonderfully yappy Zoe, but just like Kristi and the pony, I never got my baby grand piano. I used to dream of a shiny black Yamaha, but it has since changed to this one. Pardon me while I DROOL and WHIMPER. I’ve never had a “real” piano, and electric to baby grand seems like a logical step. Wouldn’t you agree?

I think I’ll start writing wish lists again, just so I can add the baby grand piano to the top of it. Or if you find a tiny baby grand piano that I can put in a pitcher of water, and it will grow to be living-room sized, let me know. I will not name it Horace, but I will find a suitable piano name, I promise. Maybe I’ll call it Elton?

P.S. I really hope you clicked on the piano link, Kerry.


6 thoughts on “>In response to Kristi’s blog, or how I don’t really want a pony

  1. >I definitely used to do the flipping through the sears catalog thing!! and moon shoes really aren’t what they advertise on tv, a friend of mine had them. they totally sucked. barely got any air. pogo sticks definitely win against moon shoes.

  2. >MOON SHOES!!I wanted them! It was like the portable alternative to a trampoline. I also never got moon shoes. And I wrote MOOD SHOES the first time in this paragraph, which would be completely different, but useful to my close friends, family, and co-workers.Also, you should just get a piano that hooks up to your computer, wouldn’t that be just as good? ;)

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