>photoshop intervention

>Dear Monte,

I would like to talk to you about THIS photo. I know you mean well, but dude, you have to work on your photoshop skills. Sammy, Rachel, and the DeVryes weren’t there for the team photo. It is ok to add a “absent from photo” caption at the bottom. Photoshopping is not always the answer. Only the Robinet twins and the DeVryes were missing – why did you alter Larry and Marc? I don’t understand. There is something on my nose, and part of Pablo’s head is missing. I’m slightly concerned. You should maybe talk to Kristi about some lessons or something. Eeek.


note: this photo is hanging up on one of the bulletin boards at church


7 thoughts on “>photoshop intervention

  1. >I saw that at church. It just about made me barf.I did a little old school “photoshopping” of my own today at church. Just look for Rachel Dyck with a sick set of mustaches.

  2. >You should tell WMB to hire me to do some photoshopping, I could use the extra cash. OH! Can I be the Pastor of Photo Adjustments? I could have put you all in front of a Taco Bell, maybe even put Juan Valdez in there too.

  3. >AAAHHH!!11! GHOSTS!!11!! GHOSTS WITH FLOATING HEADS CONNECTED TO NO APPARANT BODIES!!!!111!!! AAhh…oh. Photoshop. PS: My verification “word” is XVOWD. That is not a word.

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