>signs that say you probably shouldn’t be on the road

>(Mom, you might not want to read this)

-you’ve just written two midterms and you feel like your brain is going to explode
-your contacts are dry and you feel it is necessary to blink every half-second
-well traveled city streets are coated in snow
-people are going 40 km/h on the highway
-when you turn on your high beams, it does nothing but light up the snow ahead of you and make things scarier
-the tire tracks you are following frequently swerve around the road
-it is still snowing
-it is dark and there are no street lights
-when the plow goes by, it seemingly does nothing because the snow is so packed into the road
-you don’t see another car on the road for a good 15 or 20 minutes
-you can’t remember if you charged your cell phone
-parts of the drive that normally take you five minutes, take 15 minutes
-no one from home knows what time you left the city, or if you left at all
-a 40 minute drive takes you an additional 40 minutes

Probably wasn’t the best decision to drive home last night. I did it anyway.

Now that I’m home safe, I’m excited for MEXICO! I leave early early this Friday morning. If you wish to do so, here is a list of things you can pray for (I really like lists):

-safe travel, including no delays because of the weather
-the entire team gets all of their luggage, and we don’t experience any bag searches (this is what I’m most concerned about, for some reason)
-arrival of the bus in Mexico City and safe transport to the orphanage
-food! That it is gluten free and safe, and doesn’t make anyone sick
-safety while working (mixing concrete, etc)
-that God will keep our hearts open to whatever he wants to teach us
-my mommy back home – that she isn’t enjoying her time to herself tooooo too much

The weather forecast in Mexico is up in the mid-twenties today :o)


2 thoughts on “>signs that say you probably shouldn’t be on the road

  1. >you’re right…i probably shouldn’t have read that…but i did…so charge the stupid cell phone kid!!!!!and i mean that in the nicest way…of course…and how could i possibly enjoy myself toooo much without you here? you also might pray that the snow stops or we will all be buried under snow when you get back from mexico and you’d miss me terrrrribly :)

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