>The music geek inside of me was really excited to find this. Not that I will ever use it. It’s just cool.

Will Currie and the Country French got signed by the guitarist from Sloan.

I found some new bands today that I’m quite excited about. You’ve probably heard of a few, but check them out, nonetheless:

Arcade Fire, Bloc Party, Elliot Smith, The Polyphonic Spree

Polyphonic Spree is especially bizarre and delightful. They have a bit of a Sufjan feel to them, but there’s a whole whack of people in the band. Twenty something, I think. They’re…quirky and kind of creepy? but I quite like them.


3 thoughts on “>tickticktickticktick

  1. >Disgust. For the sweet-sugary happiness that is the Polyphonic Spree/Hooray For Everything.(Actually I’ve only ever heard one Polyphonic Spree song so I may not be the best person to be judging)

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