>you’re such a flake

>Dear dude that controls the weather,

You have not been impressing me lately. On Wednesday, I didn’t drive to school because you made it snow. I missed class, and now I think Leon may be upset with me for not handing in part of my assignment. That was your first attempt at ruining my plans.

Friday night things got even worse. The universities closed, and I got to stay home. Good, right? Nope. I don’t have class Fridays. My day was no different. And then…THEN they canceled the much anticipated wrestling show because of your nasty tricks. We had matching t-shirts to wear to the show. T-SHIRTS. THAT MATCH. Thus being your second attempt to ruin plans.

By Saturday morning, I was really not impressed with you and your weather choices. So instead of getting angry with you, I decided to do something…unconventional. I went outside and played in the snow. Look, I even have pictures to prove it:Look how HAPPY I am out in the snow. I had FUN and I LAUGHED and I SMILED. You do not have the power to make me angry. Snow is now my ally. We are friends. And do you know what snow said to me? You’re not going to believe this, but it’s totally true. Snow told me that he’s sick of you bossing him around so much, telling him when he has to fall and everything. Being snow is such an under appreciated job, and you’re not making it any better. How would you like to lie on streets and cause accidents and get run over and shoveled and blew all about? That’s what I thought.

On behalf of Professor Peppergrape (my new snow friend) and snow himself, I would like to say stop being so dang mean, and ease up on the snow for awhile. Maybe you should go pick on hail. Or frogs. They haven’t fallen from the sky in awhile.


President, SACTS (Society Against Cruelty Towards Snow)


8 thoughts on “>you’re such a flake

  1. >Ummmm…you know who controls the weather, right? Just don’t expect sympathy when your room and your room only is struck by lightning tomorrow. And yes, I know your room is in the basement.

  2. >to clarify:I’m thinking there is a little weather engineer who lives in the clouds and controls the weather. Kind of like Oompa Loompas, but in the sky.Also notice the blog label “this doesn’t even make sense”. Clearly I’m joking.You two are being too academic. Let me have my completely absurd thoughts please. It makes me happy.

  3. >AND God created them all – snow, sky oompa loompas and everything in between. The oompa loompas have free will, and therefore are who I need to take up my weather beef with.Make sense? Yes, I thought so.

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