>heated conversation between best friends

>Laura: Dinner smells good.
Amanda: I don’t really like what we’re having.
L: Does your mom always cook the same things with the same thing?
A: What?
L: Like, does she always cook the same kind of vegetables with the same kind of meat? My mom always cooks beans with lasagna.
A: Yes! Beans and pasta!
L: And corn goes with roast beef.
A: Yes.
L: But what do peas go with?
A: EW, nothing.
L: I don’t really like peas either.
A: (noise of disgust)
L: You don’t like them because of the texture.
A: That’s not why I don’t like them.
L: Yes it is!
A: How do you know the reasons why I don’t like peas, when I don’t even know the reasons?
L: Because I REMEMBER. When we were little. You wouldn’t eat big peas.
A: Because they’re gross and big, which makes them more gross. Not because of the texture.
L: Try the little ones. The texture is way better.
A: It’s not a texture issue, it’s an all around disgusting issue.
L: No, it’s NOT! You don’t like the texture.
A: Stop arguing with me about peas. Texture does not bother me.
L: Yes it does.
A: Only with pudding.
L: And peas.


3 thoughts on “>heated conversation between best friends

  1. >Have since spoken with mom and apparently there is an art to this. The meal has to look nice and there has to be a variety of texture. Hence no cauliflower with chicken and mashed potatoes; too bland and whitish – you understand.

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