>always choose the right lane

>I passed my G test. I am fully licensed! My driver tester lady was very rude, and I hope to never have anyone that rude in my vehicle ever again. HOORAY for never having to do any more driving tests! This means I can check one thing off of my to do list. Painting canvases comes next!

I had a doctors appointment yesterday, and my oh my, this doctor was straight out of Grey’s Anatomy. He is the definition of tall, dark and handsome. Well dressed. Nicely coiffed hair. My first reaction was to propose, but I controlled myself, and carried on with the appointment. Here is part of our conversation:

Dr. McHottie (reading my medical history): “Celiac Disease, eh?”
Me: “Yeeeah.”
Dr. McHottie: “Well, that’s a drag.”
Me: “Yeeeeah.”

Thanks, dude. You’re still hot.


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