>the time we warmed up the haus

>Yesterday was the long awaited housewarming – oh excuse me hauswarming – for Lord Kerrance, Mook and the Leb. Turns out I’m allergic to the haus. Cats haunt me in allergy spirit even when they’re not present in furry body. That’s ok, it didn’t stop me from having a blast.

Highlights (notice what is missing from this list *cough*):

-Tobogganing. Well no, crazy carpet and GTing (check the hlog for some pictures). I am in pain today, but it was well worth it
-Finding out that my slushpants are not actually waterproof. That in itself isn’t a highlight, but wearing Caleb’s sweatpants was definitely a high point.
-Sushi. You probably don’t want to hear the rest of this story.
-Burritzza-ing. Please refer to the hlog for a description and pictures.
-Home Alone (“You’re such a disease!”)
-Home Alone in Spanish (“Ay carumba!”)
-Playing the “guess how many pairs of underwear/socks people are wearing” game
-Cookies. Yes, I know I made them, but lets be honest, they’re amazing.
-The wrestling (more specifically, the Rock) soap in the washroom (I’m assuming it’s Kerry’s soap. It’s awesome, and I want one of my own.)

Haus boys: I wish you many a happy time in your lovely abode. Thanks for having us over; it was delightful.


5 thoughts on “>the time we warmed up the haus

  1. >I too encountered that soap in the bathroom, although I didn’t know it was soap at first. I scratched a little bit of it with my finger before I realized it was soap. Sorry Caleb.

  2. >No, I wish I had…once upon a time if you rubbed the soap the Rock would say “Wash up, jabroni, because quite frankly you stink!” He hasn’t said that in a while. I choose to believe it’s cause i smell like daisies.

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