>peace, comfort and kittens

>Sometimes I think about all the crap that goes on in the world, and wonder how we got to this point. How come people don’t care about what goes on in the world today? Why don’t people watch the news? Why aren’t people helping to end tragedy in the world today? Does no one care anymore?

I think about how God fits into all of this, too. He must be heartbroken to see his world in the state that it’s in. Hunger, disease, conflict. Will he rescue us from all of our hardships? Can we truly count on Him to perform miracles, even in our twisted, crazy world?

Then I see stories like this one, and I’m reminded of all of the tragic events that take a turn for the better. I see that miracles can happen. I see that people do have compassion. God takes care of even little tiny defenseless animals. Surely he will take care of us.

God also has given journalists a true gift. The gift to bring to me the stories that really impact my life, and that inspire me to keep travelling through this crazy journey called life. I can sleep at night now that I know I can always trust the media to bring me stories that are of utmost importance. I am so thankful that these people still care, and that they write about what people are passionate about. I am also comforted to know that there are more than one of these truly remarkable people. A hearty thank you goes out to all of those fine journalists. May God bless you.


14 thoughts on “>peace, comfort and kittens

  1. >I hear what you’re saying about needing to watch the news. I think people find it hard watching the news somtimes because a lot of broadcasting corporations are politically biased and don’t always portray facts as facts. It’s a difficult balance… but I think you’re right, the good journalists make it worth it (most of the time). I tend to have a really hard time watching the news when the story is obviously slanted a certain way.

  2. >Here I am thinking this is a heartfelt story about journalism and I was going to agree with Annie and say that I’m not as much of a fan of journalizm as you seem to be. But then I followed the link. And, you’ve converted me. That was so moving. The world can be a better place. Power to the press.

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