>My blog is going to develop abandonment issues. I’m sorry little blogger, I do love you, but I’ve just been busy with school and other things. Mainly my knitting.

Here comes a knitting rant. Do read on, it will be informative and hopefully entertaining.

I had about 2 or 3 inches done of my hat when I came to a horrifying realization that it was twisted. Since I have been knitting in the round, twistage is a problem. It doesn’t untwist. I would have gotten to the end of my hat, and it would have been a huge twisted mess. The only solution was to undo everything (I would guess at least 5 or 6 hours of work) and to start over.

That is Frustration with a capital F (or “fustration” if your last name is Funk). I’m not one to swear, but I think I may have let a few four-letters slip when I realized all my work was pointless. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it was full of holes and the tension was off, but the hat was pretty close to perfect…my tension was dyno-mite, and there was not a gap in sight.

Dawn, my knitting guru, did the heartbreaking deed and unravled all my work. She re-cast on my stiches, and completed the first round of knitting. Then we realized it was twisted again. Being the expert knitter that she is, she started the thing on double pointed needles (this process scares me…here is a picture. See? It’s scary) to insure there was no twistage, and then transferred it back on my circulars. Dang, yo, it was a lot of unnecessary work.

But that being said, the hat is looking fabulous already. Twist free, and pretty awesome. I’ve got about an inch done, and I like the brim on this one better than I did on the last one. It’s tinier, and doesn’t have as big of a roll. Quite nice. Hopefully I can finish it before the winter is over.


2 thoughts on “>F-to-the-Rustration

  1. >That WAS entertaining. I can’t really picture anything you’re talking about (which is why it’s good you have a picture for the child with knitting disabilities)but I enjoyed imagining you swearing over your knitting.

  2. >oh man. i love knitting, or the idea of knitting, but it friggin’ SCARES me. all i know is how to knit or purl. in a straight line. so basically all i know is how to make scarves. you should teach me how to make hats….

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