>And it begins..

>Tonight was the first of what will seem like a never ending stream of missions meetings. I’m headed to Pan de Vida in Queretaro, Mexico again with a team. Last year our team was around 8 people. This year, if everyone ends up coming, it would be around 26 people. Wow!!!

There will be maybe 8 or 9 other youngins on the trip. That beats last year’s…one (me). I’m thankful for a bit of a younger crowd, but it’s a really young bunch – I’m the only one finished high school. The next oldest is 17. So I’m essentially the “leader” of the kids, which will be a pretty cool opportunity.

The team will have a completely different dynamic than last year, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m pumped this year because I know what to expect. I’ve made connections and I can’t wait to go back and hug those cute little children. And Juan. I’ve missed Juan like an emo kid misses his diary.


3 thoughts on “>And it begins..

  1. >whoa, you SO deleted a post didn’t you? videos or something? i was going to look at them later (now) and now they’re gone…. oh well.mexico sounds fun. and your emo kid simile is also fun.

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