>things that don’t make sense

>People who post pictures on Facebook of themselves making out with their significant others. No one wants to see that. Just the logistics of the actual process don’t make sense to me. Isn’t it awkward taking a picture of yourself with your eyes closed? How many times did you have to kiss and click to get a good picture?

Why does a can of peanuts need to say “may contain traces of nuts” and why does a coffee cup have to say “caution, contents are hot”? Are we really this dumb, people?

Brett Favre is a football player. His last name is pronounced FAR-ve, even though the ‘r’ clearly follows the ‘v’. Should it not be FAV-re?

It is illegal in Mexico to have a flag displayed anywhere. The only flags allowed are governmental.

Fergie, why do you spell in your songs? This is not Reader Rabbit, no one cares.

Adults who have Kitchener Rangers memorabilia and wear/bring it to games. These are skinny young teenage boys who play games on Friday nights folks. They are not superstars.

Celebrities – what’s the big fuss? I just don’t get it. I really don’t. Also girls who leave comments on celebrity blogs. I just don’t understand this. At all.

People who dress differently in order to be an “individual”. There is a huge group of you “individuals” and you look quite similar to me.

Internet lingo, especially “ur”. If you insist on using this, at least add a space. When I see “ur” I think “eeer” in my head. This is silly. It does not take much longer to type “you are” or “you’re” or “your”.

Oh, that reminds me. We learned the difference between “their”, “there” and “they’re” in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. It boggles my mind that UNIVERSITY STUDENTS still cannot distinguish between the three. I admit that I don’t always have perfect grammar, but at least my writing is somewhat correct.

My dear people, I have to tell you that you did not “seen” me. You saw me, perhaps, or you may have seen me, but you definitely did not seen me. That is impossible.

Malt has gluten in it. Maltol and maltitol do not. Rice Krispies have malt in them.


4 thoughts on “>things that don’t make sense

  1. >haha. i feel the same way about every thing you wrote, even the items i haven’t personally experienced. the worst though is when a TEACHER gets it wrong. i have seen (or… i seen?) teachers spell “a lot” as “alot”. that one drives me nuts.then again, who am i to judge? i didn’t use capital letters once in this whole comment. “lawl”.

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