>it’s because McFlurries are cold

>Today I have the world’s biggest rock and roll hangover, due to a very amazing show at Call the Office in London last night. The doors opened at eight, but we arrived around nine and entered a very quiet and somewhat deserted club. Kerry refused to take my beer money. We found a booth strategically placed by the green room door so we could giggle with glee and point everytime we saw one of the Golden Dogs walk by. No one played until around 10:30 (I was ready for bed at this point), but we had lots to look at.

The club itself had a pretty cool atmosphere, and I think it was mostly due to the demographic of people there. Here is a list of requirements to get into the club:
-if you wear glasses, they must be dark framed
-you must wear a scarf and/or hoodie indoors at all times
-if you are male, you must have a beard
-if you are male, you must also be tall, lanky and awkward
-if you are female, don’t bother, because the males are much prettier, better groomed and better dressed than you could ever be

I honestly have never seen so many beards in one place before. Note to guys: beards can be hot, but don’t let them get unruly. The following is an example of a hot beard:

This so happens to be Stew, the bass player from the Golden Dogs. He usually sports a fine looking beard such as this one – trimmed, not too bushy and polished. Last night, however, his beard was not up to par. When I first saw him, I wanted to remove the small woodland creature that was attempting to eat him, but I decided that it probably would not budge, seeing as it was in fact, attached to his face. Stew…STEW! It’s gone too far. Find a razor, buddy.

But that’s beside the point. Now I’ve lost any resemblence of a storyline…lets see….oh yeah, the show! The Dogs were STELLAR. They’re so full of energy and just plain fun to watch. Lots of screaming…so fantastic! I don’t know what else to say about the show. You could probably ask Kerry for a better rundown of the show in terms of musicality. I remember it was loud, and now I can’t hear out of my right ear.

Back to the funny people. There were some dancing dudes who looked like they belonged at the ranch and/or a Blue Jays game. They provided us with endless entertainment. There was that one guy that was crypting? is that the right term? Some sort of gang dance, I am told. Lots of others were grooving to the music and having a good time (us included). What I really want to know is where all the awkward kids learned to dance in the same awkward fashion. They each had their own awkward signature way of dancing, but they definitely looked like derivatives of the same awkward dance. Is there such this as “awkward indie rock” dance class? I think there must be…

One o’clock in the morning found us at a McDonald’s drive thru, trying to figure out why the McFlurry was ready quicker than K’s Big Mac. My response didn’t seem to satisfy Kerry…but it did make sense. Don’t argue, because it did make sense.

During the drive home I fell in and out of sleep, most likely muttering nonsensical phrases like I often do when I’m deliriously tired. I got home, and five hours later, I left for kindergarten. I am tired.


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