>I’ve been thinkin’ bout the future

>I’m having a “I am going to quit school and join the circus, run a bingo hall, or start my stand-up (sit-down) comedy tour while supporting myself by scrapbooking other peoples’ marathons/triathelons and making pretty earrings” kind of day.


4 thoughts on “>I’ve been thinkin’ bout the future

  1. >I’ve been having those sort of days for the past week and I think it’ll continue until midterms are over. Although I’ve never thought about running a bingo hall, believe it or not. Definitely adding that somewhere between rock star and owning an art store.

  2. >Ooooh! Jo, lets open an art store together, and it can be a Bingo hall at night! And we’ll get someone to run it on weekends and we can play gigs all over the world. That seems like a good plan.

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