>I do not hate Coldplay, I just don’t particularly find enjoyment while listening to them. If I were in a vehicle listening to Coldplay, it wouldn’t be a bad experience. I can put up with them. Even enjoy them every once in a while. I am just finding it hard to fall in love with them like some others I know have.

Nickelback, on the other hand….
Now, I really hate them. With a passion. I would jump out of a moving vehicle if I had to listen to Nickelback for any period of time. I…don’t even want to continue writing this because I hate them too much. Four sentences about Nickelback is four sentences too many. Now I’m up to five…oh dear.


5 thoughts on “>clarification

  1. >I’m with ya on the Nickelback hatred. I’ll admit I liked them when they first came out (I was also like, 12, which is a very usable excuse.) but really, why do alllll of their songs sound the same? and WHY won’t chad kruger get a hair cut?

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