>I don’t like Coldplay.
I don’t know why, I just…don’t.
I keep trying to listen to it and like it, but I get bored and switch the song.
I don’t like Coldplay.
The End.


5 thoughts on “>Revelation

  1. >BUT all you said is that you don’t like them and you’re entitled to that, since it’s a matter of taste. Thanks for not being a snob and doing what some people do, which is say that OTHER people are stupid for liking them…that’s what gets my goat.

  2. >I used to like Coldplay a lot, and now I get bored by a lot of the songs I used to love. I do still like the band though, and I suppose now that I’ve been on both sides of the coin I understand both opinions. It’s funny how certain bands are most commonly debated about and Coldplay is definitely one of them. Interesting.

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