>happy anniversary!

>It was one year yesterday that I started this blog. I forgot yesterday. Here are some classic Mandie posts to refresh your memory.

The one where I talk about politicians.

The one about lamps.

The one about Stompy.

The one about Mexico.

The one about Starbucks.

The one about a pickle.

The one about our global community.

The one that is really long but good.

The one about the time I was awkward.

The one about mini wheats.

The “Best Post of the Year” according to Wally.

I think I’ve grown as a blogger. I don’t do the “this is every tiny little detail about my weekend” junk anymore. I find that irritatingly boring. Instead, I blog about useless (but FUNNY) crap. Ah yes, growth.


2 thoughts on “>happy anniversary!

  1. >Yours is the only one I read. Well, and Kristi’s, but since that one only gets updated about twice a year, you’re it, Bastabits. I think one of my favourites was the Arnold montage in my honour. Okay, that’s not really fair since you didn’t actually write anything…usually my favourite ones are in the “sometimes I’m awkward” category.

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