>Amanda is Thankful For…

>…her parents who love her and hug her more often than she deserves to be loved or hugged.

…her brother whom, at 26 years of age, still needs to be told, “No honey, you aren’t a wrestler,” when he picks up a chair in a threatening manner.

…her sister-in-law, who has the patience to deal with her wannabe wrestler brother.

…her other brother whom, at 22 years of age, still thinks the words “penis” and “vagina” are hilarious.

…her best friends who never fail to make her laugh and support her when she’s not at her best.

…her legs and feet – however dysfunctional they may be – that keep her walking.

…her sense of humour – what would life be without laughter?

…her kindergarten kids who constantly put things into perspective.

…the roof over her head, the food on her plate, the clothes on her body.

…the opportunities she has only because she lives in Canada.

…her Saviour – to Him she owes everything.


2 thoughts on “>Amanda is Thankful For…

  1. >Oh and I forgot to mention, I met him in a dream last night and asked him whether being governor meant he was too busy to make more movies. I don’t remember what he said, but it was glorious…

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