>Apparantly I have friends up here.

Monday night, I was just settling in for a night of Canadian Idol, when mom starts FREAKING out saying, “who are those guys? do you know those guys? there are guys on our dock. Do you know them?” Yes indeedy, I did know them. The boys from down the road. The seadoo-celiac-facebook friend-cousins from kitchener boys. And Alex. From Summer House.

They took me on a boat ride, and then we had a campfire. The Celiac (Taye) fed me cookies and popcorn. It was a lovely night.

The next morning, Justin picked me up (dockside, again) and took me wakeboarding. I GOT UP!!!!! Yes, extremely unathletic, uncoordinated, unbalanced Mandie got up! It took a few tries, and it was super choppy, but I did get up eventually. Score points for me. I think it was the marvelousness of my teacher though. He had faith in me, he told me so…hahaa.

Well, all that to say that I actually have friends that I didn’t know about. Ah I sound like a loser, but seriously, there are no people my age up here. Except the Hollister model from Isthmus Bay (I’m totally not making that up…he works at the hardware store and I know his sister).

Also – try saying Isthmus Bay with a lisp. It’s hard to say without a lisp. Poor lispers.

Yesterday and today my favourite camper, Wes, told me he loved me and I was pretty. He is visually impaired…does that still count?

In other news, the bingo machine is fixed, so all is well in the world again.

The bear was back this morning at 8:30, across the road from our cottage. I left for work on my bike at approximately 8:20. Holy freaking crap. That is close. I am slightly freaked out.

Tonight is bingo. The rec hall smells like bat poo and it is ridiculously hot. Also, Jim didn’t throw out Cowboy Hank. It is now our mission to hunt him down and rescue him. maybe take him home and put him in Joanna’s dorm room (Lambton WHAT!)?


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