>still at the cottage, still missing home

>hey blog buddies. I thought it was time for another update.

The past week has been pretty awesome.

Last weekend, I got a phone call from THE Adam Padfield. AND AND AND!!! he was calling local! from down the road! He came for a little visit before bingo and we played pool with our banana shaped pool cues. The next day he came back with the one and only Aaron Barth. I’m not sure if the Barths are classified as “home people” or “cottage people” because I see them equally at both places. And that is cool.

The week was a normal week, but with some ridiculously boring shifts in the store. Like the “I would rather step in dog poo and then wash it off of my shoes than be working here” kind of boring. Well, maybe not that bad. But still boring. And we at the store know what boring shifts mean: silly Sharon chores. Silly Sharon chores include: washing 5 year old ice cream stains off the front porch, picking up crab apples from the park or rearranging the store room for the fifty-third time this summer, or (and this is my favourite) watering the flowers right after it has rained or the landscaping people have been here.

The bingo machine died during our last jackpot round on Wednesday. I had to punch out the one side of the machine and stick my hand in to get the rest of the balls. I felt like I was violating the machine. I am scarred and I dont’ think I will be able to look the machine in the eye ever again.

The Balcarras family was up this past weekend and I had a couple days off. I don’t have enough time to explain the buttloads of fun that we had. The best few days of the summer, for sure. I go fishing, and have fun. That is how fun they are. We went on some pretty sweet bike rides and went off some pretty sweet jumps. Jamie, Diana and I went to the DRIVE-IN on Saturday night. It was WICKED SWEET fun, let me tell you. We went on the pretty sweet metal slide with all the children. We have pictures. I now know where all the hicks in Owen Sound hang out…

ALSO: there are still bears here. They caught one in a live trap, supposedly scared it away, but it was back the next night. We found bear poop on Bill’s lawn. It was exciting.

Anywhoots….I love you, I miss you, come visit.

I am starting training in the office next week :o)


One thought on “>still at the cottage, still missing home

  1. >It sounds like you are as bored as I am…although you may be having a bit more fun, because right now I have to spend the time after work studying for a stupid standardized exam I have to write to get into US graduate schools.This summer is going by way too fast…I have not had nearly enough fun. One of these days I’m going to go up north and become a hermit and built a hut on the lakeshore and you can come visit me. I’ll boil crayfish in a pot for dinner.

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