>i miss you

>I miss my blog. I know, it’s pathetic, but I do. I also miss reading blogs. The cottage is slightly lonely. I’m surrounded by people all day and after work it’s QUIET and so DEAD. I miss people I actually know.

A family of earwigs lives in my mailbox.

I have seen eight old men with combovers. I would rather have a mullet than a combover. Combovers are narrrsty.

I have only waitressed for a grand total of two hours this summer. I am going to start training in the registration office in August sometime. I’m moving up in the world of Summer House.

Nothing too exciting happens here. I work, I do bingo, I come home, I ride my bike, I eat, I read. Occationally kayak. Last week I went to the big city of Wiarton. I may even venture all the way to Owen Sound to see a movie sometime. By myself. haaahaha. Oh boy.

Apparantly the ministry just trapped a baby bear, so I’m going to go investigate. Rawr.


3 thoughts on “>i miss you

  1. >the combover count is up to 8 now, is it? gross. yeah. a mullet would be wayyy better. at least with a mullet you would still have all your hair.it sucks that your summer is so monotonous so far. you should strike up a summer romance with a random cottage boy. and then maybe one day sell the rights to your super-romantic story to a movie company. oh hey, there is a slight chance that some of us might go camping up your way later this summer, i will let you know if we’re nearby and maybe we can rendezvous!

  2. >Oh Mandabits…I miss you. Things aren’t dull here anymore, now they’re crazy busy…I haven’t forgotten my letter, be patient with me…it’s coming. Don’t forget to write some stories while you’re up there! When you come back we need to have an Arnold marathon.Love,The Tau

  3. >Mandabits! (how did Tyler steal my nickname for you??? Does he even have a Breakdance Breakfast name?) I’m glad to see that you’re writing in your blog during the summer! Mine has been awfully neglected, my readership has died completely. Treat Batman well, his pecs didn’t fit in normal mail so I had to pay extra for him, haha. (Seriously, you know how they have the little slot thing to measure how thick an envelope can be? I was so close , the Canada Post girl apologized. I should have told her that Batman’s rippling muscles were never going to fit in common post, she might as well not have even tried).

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