>Corry is Tyler’s brother

>Corry: “Hello?”

Me: “Hey Tyler.”

Corry: (pause) “Corry.”

Me: “Oh. (long pause) Is Tyler there?”

Corry: “Oh. No, this is Corry. Oh, Tyler?”

Me: “Yes.”

Corry: “No he’s not.”

Me: “Oh.” (silence followed by laughter) “Okay, can you tell him Amanda called?”

Corry: “Sure.”

Me: “Okay. Thanks.”

Corry: “Bye.”


5 thoughts on “>Corry is Tyler’s brother

  1. >hehe, once I called my friend Jon and said “hey Jon, how’s it going” then there was a pause and he kept talking to me, but it wasn’t Jon and I had no idea for the longest time. I think I might have even finished the conversation and then Jon told me later that the whole time I was talking to his brother. Luckily, it wasn’t anything personal…

  2. >My sister’s boyfriend called once and started talking to me like I was Laura, but I didn’t realize he didn’t know it was me for a while and neither did he lol it was funny. and mildly awkward, after I figured it out and said “um, this is Joanna…” lol

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