>That’s what she said

>HOookay, it’s been awhile. Let’s recap:


WOOOONNNNDERLAAAAAND! I had a blast! I’ve never been on “real” rollarcoasters before, so I was in for a treat. I have to admit, waiting in line for the first ride was terrifying. Especially since Annie told horror stories of her friend peeing on that ride. We were accused of “line jumping” by the power-tripping loser working at the Bat and were afriad we’d get kicked out. But we didn’t. We went on every upsidedown coaster, and I think I smashed my head/ears on the shoulder bars enough times to do some sort of damage.

I was quite nervous waiting for most of the rides, and had huge doubts while strapped in waiting for the ride to begin. Luke telling me that someone died or fell off the ride sure comforted me, though. Highlights and favourite rides included the standing up one (although, I feel like I almost fell out of the harness while upside down), Top Gun, and Italian Job. Unexpected favourites included the Minebuster (the all wooden one) and Drop Zone (I almost backed out of this one, but ended up loving it). The absolute worst part of the entire day was the Jet Scream. The shoulder thingy was way too tight and was quite painful. The lap bar pressed on the bladder region. And the ride was slow and swinging, and I almost puked. That could have been due to the fact that Annie, Ian and Luke were making puke noises. Yum.

Other highlights of the day include: 7 tye-dyed shirts, several mullets, rattails etc, Ian having a nap on the pavement in the parking lot, the candy store, waiting in line for french fries for longer than we waited for most rides, fanny packs and crocs galore, gluten free food at the Outback (a BROWNIE! even). Also, say Jax X out loud. What a dumb name.


Kindergarten Graduation was fantastic. I cried a little when they sang the love grows song. I feel so attached to these children and I’ve only been with them for two months. When (if?) I’m a teacher, I expect a whole lot of waterworks at the end of the year.

The Rwandas are home from Rwanda, and D is back from Uganda!

C-leb, Krispy, Jedwards, Emily and I went to see Nancy Drew. Surprisingly good and cute and fun. Ned is a dreamboat. Padfield played his CD release concert and was fantastic. Some rasta guys played some good tunes, then The Runaway played some, too. I enjoyed the hip hop-o-dizzle. Richard thinks my shoes are darling.


Breakie at the Crossroads with Maja. That place is so Christian and unbelievabley menno. And they have gluten free bread. I bought some more darling shoes. I also bought some Thai soup. Thai is my friend. I’m tired, so my sentence structure is waning. I’m being bored. I apologize.

Josh came over to pick up some chicken today and said the following (Annie, get ready…):

“So, I hear you have some meat for me.”


3 thoughts on “>That’s what she said

  1. >ummm I said “the phrase” right after, and he laughed really hard, but mom was confused and slightly mad because we wouldn’t tell her what we said…haaaaah.

  2. >hahahaha!Your mom …. haha. My mom would have done the exact same thing. That is so cute.PS – Today my brother and I found a couch at the side of the road and decided to carry it back to my apartment to use on the balcony. It was extremely heavy and difficult to carry…. which caused us to shout labored instructions back and forth. I don’t even want to tell you how many potential ‘that’s what she saids’ there were… “It won’t fit in that way, turn it over and it should slide right in”

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