>This past weekend was a blast. Youth mini golf was a huge success. Apparantly if you mention golf, it gets a bunch of the guys out, which in turn gets a bunch of the girls out. I realized how much I miss the driving range and how every year I say I’m going to go up to the Tob to hit a basket every week, but only go once the whole summer. I don’t want to say that this year things will be different, because it probably won’t be.

Saturday was Dr. Julie and Grahamburger’s wedding. Unbeeeelieeeevabley beautiful ceremony. The music was…just…so perfect. So centred around Christ – which a wedding should be – and just plain FUN. They busted out a red honky-tonk keyboard. I think I may have drooled a little. Everyone looked gorgeous. I got to play with babies for the whole reception, and then the babies went home or fell asleep so we got to DANCE. Not serious dancing, but crazy grade 7/8 dance party dance. I’ve never really been to a wedding dance before, so it was a blast. Ridiculous amounts of fun!

Today I designed a t-shirt for Adam Padfield:
This week looks like it’s going to be a good one, too. Kindergarten on Monday. No grade six on Tuesday, which means time to make jewellery for people. WONDERLAND! on Wednesday! Kindergarten graduation on Thursday, followed by Nancy Drew, Padfield and The Runaway concert. Mom day on Friday. And then hopefully another good weekend. It’s my last in Waterloo before the lake.

I’ve had such an awesome past two months that I’m actually dreading the cottage. I don’t know what the new employees are like – hopefully better than last year’s – and Susan is back. Oh Susan. I’m looking forward to working with Chrrrrrl, Doods, Kristen and Spencey again…we shall have fun. I have mixed feelings about this whole deal. Ahh why does it have to be so far away (and with limited internet access)?


7 thoughts on “>tidbits

  1. >I’m scared for the new employees. Not only Susan is back, but Kelsey as well, it’s a party all around! No sign of Cynthia. And I THINK they have a new kids program guy. At least the one that was there on may 2-4 was new and VERY energetic and enjoyed dressing up in costumes. I really hope he’s permanent because I can’t handle doing the kids program anymore, lol.

  2. >:Ofeijalebk naid;fuhva ;osidvjlksncx NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I was hoping Kelsey wasn’t back. Ooh I’m a terrible person.

  3. >It would be funny if you came home on weekends. Most people go to their cottage for weekends, Amanda comes home. And PS, the dance was the most crazy fun I’ve had at a dance. I say it’s the practice we had the weekend before :D

  4. >the only thing I wasn’t a fan of were all of the mirrors that were EVERYWHERE in that place. You could see yourself dancing like an idiot, and it felt silly.

  5. >All you have to do is look at everyone else being an idiot instead of the mirrors. If you think about it, everyone looks silly at a dance. Adam looked like a seasoned dancer and he looked silly.

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