>it’s a good thing I have high self-esteem

>I do have a job right now, contrary to popular belief. It only takes up two hours a week. So it doesn’t count.

I arrived before the store opened, so I drove around back and rang the bell. Twice. Sometimes it takes them awhile to get to the door because there are stairs involved, and apparantly no one likes doing stairs. Instead of the door flinging open, the big huge loading door flies up, and Joshy “Protein” McC is standing there looking all macho. This is what followed (I assure you, they weren’t joking):

Josh: “Oh sh**, it’s just you.”
Dad: “Oh STINK*. I came all the way down here and it’s just you?”
Josh: “We thought you were Napoleon*.”
Dad: “mumble mumble huff huff.”
Me: “Nice to see you too.”
Josh: “There’s one minute of my life I’ll never get back.”

*This is Dad’s swearing.
**In this case, Napoleon refers to the fireplace/BBQ brandname. Not some short dude.


2 thoughts on “>it’s a good thing I have high self-esteem

  1. >”We thought you were Napoleon”. I don’t care that they meant it was the BBQ company, it’s a great line. I will probably use it a lot now.

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