>I’m squinting

>After youth on Friday, I did a whole lot of sitting around and doing nothing. That turned into talking with Wally at 1:00am, which turned into me going to Toronto the next day to see Starfield and Hillsong.

Wally picked me up, we picked up Paddy. Princess Paddy wasn’t ready to leave because he hadn’t eaten. He bragged about his 30 second toaster. I figured he was lying and counted. It was closer to being a 90 second toaster. I told him that I would never buy a house from him because he was unrealistic about his toaster. We drove to TO, windows down, music blasting. Until Princess made us roll up the windows and put on the air.

here we go! (Check out my necklace…it’s my latest creation!)Paddy, Me, Wally

Princess Paddy and I

We arrived at the ampetheatre, met up with Buckles, Jono, Leanne, and Leanne’s bandmate, Andrew, and wandered around. It was HooooooT! We caught a few sidebands. There was one with a fiddle player, who was absoloutely amazing and incredible, but knew he was amazing and incredible, so it took off some of the impressiveness. During this, we saw a guy walking around in a white speedo. Looked like tighty whiteys. We saw some more people we knew, including Wally’s sister, Emily. We waited in line for the concert. I ate my gluten free ham sandwich.

We all were a little scattered and got separated in the theatre. Andrew, Paddy, Geoff and I ended up in the second last row, behind a pole. I could see the stage on either side of the pole, but I couldn’t see the keyboardist, but still pretty ok, regardless. Andrew and I talked about things gluten free. And Mexico. Also how it is easy to eat gluten free in Mexico. I ran into (got yelled at by, actually) Snyderman and his brother on the way to the washroom.
Christian concerts are funny because they make you do silly things. Like repeat phrases, hold hands, and hug. It was all pretty funny, but still cool that you can do that at a concert and not start any fights.

Starfield was pretty awesome, except for the lead guy leaving for a whole song just to tune…that was strange. Hillsong was incredible. We were standing on a slope and clapping a ton so today my calves are absolutely wrecked and my wrists hurt. After the concert (Jono, Buckles, Me, Leanne, Geoff, Andrew, Wally, Paddy)

We went to McD’s after, got us some grease, Paddy kicked me in the calves, then we sped home. Listening to country, with the windows down. Let me tell you, the 401 is pretty fun when you’re being driven by a guy who drives racecars.

Yesterday officially felt like summer. Carefree, full of laughs, good friends, new friends, the rank smell of sweaty bodies in the breeze. Ah yes, summer.


4 thoughts on “>I’m squinting

  1. >This isn’t Hillsong, as in, the famous Australian worship band, is it? If not, strange that another band exists with that name, and if so, ….. strange … That they were here. Hmmmmm.

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