>a league of his own

>Today in Kindergarten, I was put in charge of making some props for the musical (School House Rock). I enlisted the help of some of the kids from the other kindergarten class to make the entire solar system with me. One little guy, Andrew, was particularly delightful and made me laugh enough that he deserves a post of his own.

Every twenty seconds or so, he said, “Oh boy, this is starting to look FANTASTIC! We are really good at this! It’s like doing a puzzle. I’m good at puzzles. This looks FANTASTIC!”

In between remarking how wonderful he was, he said, “I like bugs. When praying mantises mate [Amanda stifling laughter…it was unexpected, OK?] the female bites off the head of the male. Isn’t that weird? [more stifling] I think it must be for protection or something.”

“Wow, I’m having a GREAT time! What a special art project. This is just so great!”

While washing his hands (this one is my favourite), he asked, “Is this soft water? At home, we have hard water and the glue would be washed off by now. This must be soft water.”

side note: We were making planets. You can bet there were lots of Uranus jokes. I can’t tell you how ridiculously funny it is to hear little kids talk about Uranus and be completely oblivious as to why Mrs. Bateman and Miss Amanda are cracking up. Haaaa, cracking! Uranus is blue. And it’s on a tilt. You should get that checked out. OK, I’ll stop now.


One thought on “>a league of his own

  1. >i just had to say.. you are soo funny. i was sitting here, in my perfectly quite office, laughing like a hiena, because i just couldnt hold it in. and it echoes in here. thanks for that :D

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