>100 Things

>In honour of my 100th post, here is a big long list of 100 things, whether they are things I like, things I do, things I don’t like, quotes, funny words, whatever. There are 100 of them.

1. I like to blog about things of little to no importance
2. I can’t stand when people chew with their mouths open
3. I like the sun
4. I hate Nickelback. And Drew Barrymore.
5. Five year olds are the coolest people on the planet.
6. Caleb and I googled Fancy Pants. He has Facebook.
7. I spend too much time on Facebook.
8. Facebook seems to find it’s way into every day conversations
9. Today a little bird kept divebombing a chipmunk that was sitting on the bird feeder.
10. “You shake and shake the ketchup bottle, none will come, and then a lot’ll.” – Kate & Leopold
11. I refuse to eat anything fake-grape flavoured.
12. I haven’t thrown up since I was nine (dang buckwheat pancakes!)
13. gluten is evil.
14. My grade 12 biology teacher looks like Ross from Friends.
15. My cottage neighbour reminds me of Chandler.
16. I find a well written email attractive. Good grammar is HOT.
17. The “Mista mista” lady in Happy Gilmore is from BC. She’s a family friend of my sister-in-law’s family. She was killed by a drunk driver.
18. I’m very menno.
19. I loooooove Pad Thai from the Flying Dog
20. I secretly wish I could be a stand-up comedian.
21. “A creative mess is better than an idle tidiness” – bathroom stall in Vancouver’s Arts Club Theatre
22. Kerry thinks Genesis 27:27 is funny.
23. I think Song of Soloman 2:5 is funny.
24. I would like to eat a raisin cake.
25. One time Goo and I followed some ducks around Village on the Green while flapping our arms and quacking.
26. I’ve never been to Wonderland.
27. I enjoy writing with pink pen
28. I still love the Pretty Fly for a White Guy song
29. I’m a published author. No, not just this blog….for real. In print.
30. I write to stay sane.
31. I have never dyed my hair
32. I have never had a cavity
33. One time in grade two I stole this little plastic purple teddy bear from school and used it as my Barbie’s teddy bear.
34. In grade seven, Danny Stubbs and I were the Spirit Co-ordinators, which meant we missed a lot of class time to collect spirit points, and plan and organize. How fab is that?
35. “We should get jerseys, ’cause we make a good team/But yours would look better than mine ’cause you’re out of my league.”
36. My dad donated his accordian to a church in Burkina Faso. I miss it.
37. I sing in the car.
38. My mother thinks I should marry the boy who works at Starbucks.
39. Jazz music = love
40. I’m a sucker for musicians.
41. Doody!
42. My first summer I worked at the cottage, I found out that one of the girls who worked in the office went to my church back home.
43. Our good friends bought our old house, so we are often back to visit.
44. “And I caaaaaan’t staaaaand ’em!”
45. My old piano teacher used to have 11+ cats. I’m allergic to cats.
46. Benedryl + Mandie = slight delirium
47. When asked why he thought I should pierce my right ear, Goo responded with, “Because you LIVE over there!”
48. I secretly put on mascara when I got to school in grade seven.
49. I don’t see what’s so hot about Justin Timerlake.
50. In grade six I spelled onion as “oignon” and my teacher laughed at me. Ongion is French.
51. Peanut butter and radishes are a surprisingly good combination.
52. a mixture of sugar and vinegar always cures hiccups
53. “Come on Amanda, Luke deserves better.” – Tyler
54. I get myself into awkward situations on a weekly basis.
55. I still listen to my Backstreet Boys CDs
56. In grade two, my brothers tricked me into telling them what I got them for Christmas (Blue Jay pennants)
57. Polski Ogorky is a type of pickle.
58. Crossroads in Elmira labels what is gluten free on their buffet
59. I make jewellery, cards, purses and other such delights
60. My mom is always baking cookies, but they are never for us (Diana and Jamie get way more cookies from mom than we ever do)
61. I was valedictorian in grade 8. Things went downhill from there.
62. Sometimes I contemplate dropping out of school and starting my own business as an artist and freelance writer
63. I don’t understand what the Golden Dogs say in their songs, but I love them anyways
64. I want to get a puppy from the pound.
65. I decorate and redecorate rooms in my head.
66. I think it would be great fun to get drunk in IKEA
67. My parents used to bribe us with Archie Comics. Archie Andrews is the only reason I can waterski
68. One time in grade four, people were pushing in line outside, and I got knocked over and trampled. Like in the cartoons when someone is lying on the ground and when they get up they have footprints on their back…yeah, that happened to me.
69. I hate the movie Groundhog Day. On Chum Music countdown they just referenced that movie right before they played a video of…yup, you guessed it…Nickelback.
70. I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars movies
71. I really like making lists. They keep me organized.
72. Last year I went to see Beauty and the Beast (the musical) by myself. I sat in the front row and made eye contact numerous times with the cheese grater.
73. I am finally taller than my grade six teacher.
74. I still have a crush on Scott Baio
75. Jerry in Ferndale makes the best coffee. And has the best coffee shop guy hair.
76. The teal general store on the corner, is the best place to get ice cream in Tobermory.
77. Knock Knock. Who’s there? Car go. Car go who? Car go BEEP BEEP!
78. I named my kayak Ivon. There was a bit of a dispute as to whether or not we should get the kayak…and well…Ivon. :o)
79. My brother is more high maintenance than I am.
80. I have my tragus pierced. It makes me feel badass.
81. “Sixty percent of the time, it works…everytime.”
82. I people watch. All the time.
83. My cousin and I used to take pictures and use entire rolls of film
84. I giggle when someone says “pianist” or “rectify”
85. My car was named by accident after I yelled “To the Batmobile” and it was heard as, “To the Bastmobile!”
86. In kindergarten, Chris Casemore puked in front of the piano.
87. There is a picture of George Costanza in his boxers above our fireplace
88. “whaaaa haaaaaauuuuppened?”
89. I like hats. I have a collection.
90. I still had braces in university.
91. I still had baby teeth when I was sixteen.
92. I still know my best friend in grade four’s phone number.
93. I have never gotten flowers from anyone other than my mom. Or brothers.
94. Diet Coke is my drug of choice.
95. my program is all girls. And Dictionary Dillon.
96. “I think it’s good thing if a woman has balls.” – Dictionary Dillon
97. I want a magic bullet only since watching the infomercial
98. In kindergarten I cried because my brothers got to wear glasses and I didn’t.
99. I want to live in Toronto.
100. I seriously don’t have a life, because making this list wasn’t that difficult.


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