>Today I went to IKEA with my parents. I didn’t wear my mom’s pants. That is an accomplishment for some of us.

I am happy to report that the rumors are true. There are two -yes TWO – different kinds of gluten free cake in the freezer at IKEA. Torte, actually. Mmmmmmmm next time I’m taking a c-c-c-coolah.

I bought a pillow. I also noticed that there are large numbers of good lookers at IKEA. Lots and lots. The only downfall is that they are all with girlfriends or fiances picking out furniture to start their lovely catelogue lives together.

And now, some fun with grammar:


4 thoughts on “>success

  1. >Nice category for this post. However, since my pants story is copyrighted, I’m going to have to collect a royalty in the order of 13,648 Rupees. Sorry.

  2. >I didn’t tell the whole story, I just eluded to it. Show me your copyright statement, and I’ll show you the rupees. Plus, you’ve even got your own blog label. For that you shouldn’t be charging me. So there. (I’m sticking my tongue out right now).

  3. >Yay for Ikea, and yay for Swedish men! Or, rather, my Swedish man, when I meet him. I’ll probably meet him while I’m eating gluten free torte at Ikea. Maybe if I’m lucky he will also be a celiac. I’ll let you know if he has any brothers.Also, I TOTALLY TOTALLY understand the whole cute-guys-at-Ikea-who-turn-out-to-be-taken thing! That is always what I think of when people talk about Ikea! Well, that, and also the infamous Ikea catalog…. HAHA

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