>this is cool and I’m bored

>I stole this from Annie

(Open iTunes and put your entire library of songs on shuffle. Or, using your iPod/mp3 player do the same. For each title below enter in the songs that play in the exact order that they play.)

Soundtrack of my Life:

Opening Credits> Maybe Katie – Barenaked Ladies
Waking Up> Wings to Fly – Carol Welsman (oooooh GOOD waking up song!)
First Day of School> Decatur, or, Round of Applause for Your Stepmother! – Sufjan Stevens
Falling in Love> Never Let Go – Josh Groban
Fight Song> I So Hate Consequences – Relient K
Breaking Up> Elvis is Dead – MxPx
Prom> Thinking – The Hippos (ok, this one is AWESOME…particularly the first line. It’s a ska prom!)
Life> Show Me Love – Robin (hah!)
Mental Breakdown> Prairie Fire That Wanders About – Sufjan Stevens (this song makes no sense to me, so it fits)
Driving> Last Train – MxPx (this is shockingly fitting as well)
Flashback> Anything – Mae (again, it fits)
Getting Back Together> Outsiders – Franz Ferdinand
Wedding> Anywhere with You – Saves the Day (apparantly I’m not a fan of my husband..hah.)
Birth of Child> Autography – The Starting Line (first line of song: “The kids were shouting “Let us out!””)
Final Battle> Mandy – Westlife (haaahahahahaa)
Death Scene> Words I Couldn’t Say – Rascal Flatts
Funeral Song> Don’t Slow Down – Copeland
End Credits> You Keep Givin’ Me – Brian Littrel (poor show, I’m cheating on this one)
Reason to Believe – Dashboard Confessional


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