>Things I did this weekend:
-made a pleated skirt out of newspaper
-pretended to be a fashion model
-hung out in a tattoo parlour
-got a hole punched in my head
-exposed the Leb to gluten free pizza
-watched craploads of movies
-got a tiny bit SUNBURNT!!!
-napped in the sun
-watched craploads of Gilmore Girls!
-ate a banana popsicle
-spent loads of time in the glorious sunshine…

Movies I watched this weekend:
-The Brain That Wouldn’t Die
-Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc
-Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
-Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (ok, so we had a marathon)
-Singin in the Rain
-part of West Side Story
-West Bank Story (ok, seriously check out part one and part two– VERY funny)
-four or five episodes of Gilmore Girls. I love that show.

Things I plan to do with my summer:
-sell things at Jerry’s coffee shop in Ferndale
-hang out in Guelph more
-watch more Gilmore Girls
-more improv!
-road trip to Ottawa (yay!)
-get half decent with my guitar again


2 thoughts on “>lists

  1. >GILMORE GIRLS YES!!! did I tell you when I was in California I walked around in none other than STARS HOLLOW? It was awesome. I sat on the steps of the gazebo. I stood in front of Luke’s Diner. I saw Lorelai and Rory’s House…Last summer my goal was to get through seasons 1-5 on dvd but I think i only got to 3 before my cousins showed up and started watching season 5, which threw me off so I didn’t watch much more after that….and I have season 6 now too so I’m not sure how I’ll watch them this summer, because I don’t want to spend my whole summer watching TV, since I plan to also do many crafty things as yourself (I want to sew more than just purses this summer!)…anyways. *cough*

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