>ow ow

>Oh hey, I just realized that I can change the font in every post!!

Amanda Bast is frickin’ awesome!!!

Ohh webdings. How lovely are you. Very.

Well, enough of that. I had a massage today because of all these dang headaches, and he worked on my jaw. Now it hurts to smile. I think that might be a fear of mine…to develop some sort of condition where it is painful to smile. I hope this goes away. In the meantime, I will study, which doesn’t require much smiling, so I think I’ll be okay for today.


One thought on “>ow ow

  1. >Aw, I love your smile, I hope it’s better by tonight when I see you! I’ve been at school for 4.5hs studying. I have 2.5 more before I can go home. BOO. I’ve also sworn off facebook for the day, and am running out of things to check. I’m glad you posted new things though :D Cute dogs!

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