>Why I hate it:

1. extremely tiring
2. I can never find anything
3. undressing and redressing then undressing and redressing is annoying
4. sales clerks ignore me because they think I’m a preteen
5. preteens are irritating
6. clothes are either ugly and horrible, or cute but don’t fit
7. toooooo expensive
8. I get lost in department stores
9. long walk to the washroom, which is usually in the department store which is a problem (see above) and they are usually giant sketch-fests and smell of old ladies and diapers
10. the music in “cool” stores is dance-y, and it’s no fun to start a dance party by yourself

sidenote: my cousin had a baby girl! Little Chloe! Shopping for baby clothes is fun. I either need to shrink a whole lot, or have children. Then shopping would be fun again.


2 thoughts on “>Shopping

  1. >i had a pretty terrible shopping experience of my own on monday…i went by myself (which is also pretty boring) and couldn’t find a zip-up sweater-hoodie thing ANYWHERE. apparently sweaters are a winter thing (but they’re perfect for spring since sometimes you’re cold and sometimes you’re hot!) and any ones that i COULD find were ugly or too expensive. i eventually found one, 2 hours later. arg.

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