I pulled a wicked late night/early morning on Thursday to finish my LAST ASSIGNMENT(!!!!) of the semester a few days early. The lack of sleep was worth it because it left me free to experience a wonderful weekend…
Friday afternoon Kristi and I went searching for my husband at Starbucks, but to no avail. He wasn’t working. I’m becoming a Starbucks junkie and it scares me a little. I don’t think I can afford five bucks for a coffee…it seems so extravagent. But soo so so good.
Friday night was the long awaited Waterloo-wide church Dodgeball tournament. I love the perks of being a leader – I get to go to the best events, but I don’t have to participate fully if I don’t want to because, well, I’m a leader. Kristi and I donned our Dora the Explorer sweaters once again and commentated the whole evening. My favourite lines from Kristi (all in a British accent, of course): “It looks as though the ball is in his court. Well, all the balls, rather.” And then there was some line about how it raining candy was better than raining men. The youth were amazing, as usual, and everyone had a ton of fun. Oh look! Pictures! (definitely stole these from Caleb):

“If you can dodge a wrench…you can dodge a ball…”

Team that won “most enthusiastic” and “best dressed” These guys were so loud and fantastic!

We’re so Vogue. Well, Beany and Goo are, I’m just a little shocked.


Today was my very first Sap Fest, and it was pretty great. The whole thing was very gluten-intensive, so my food options were limited, but I managed to survive off of pickle on a stick. I didn’t see too many people I knew, which was surprising, but we saw some crazy moustaches and a lady whos coat matched her dog. Saw a bunch of guys from band class too. We got to go on a tractor ride, mostly to amuse Steve. Fun, nonetheless. I will post pickle pictures soon. The rest of the day was spent in a half-asleep state, celebrating Em’s birthday. I look forward to sleep, and lots of it.

This post turned into a beast of a blog, but it had pictures so it was worth it.


4 thoughts on “>Dodgeriffic

  1. >thanks for your comments on my blog!yes, starbucks is rather addictive, isn’t it? although, don’t try the cinnamon dolce latte made with soy milk – i had it earlier tonight and it was pretty disappointing. i’m going back to chai.

  2. >right! The cell phone guys told Kristi she was too skinny, and gave her free popcorn which I ended up eating because I was upset that they didn’t give me free popcorn because I was too skinny. I sure showed them ;o)

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