>I wrote in my journal everyday while in Mexico, and since I’m stupidly organized, it had sections. One of those sections was entitled: “Firsts”, which is exactly what it sounds like. So here follows my list of firsts, taken directly from the journal from my trip to Meh-hee-co (all without explanation…if you really want an explanation, you know my email address):

– plane ride
– travelling in a new city/country
– called a foreigner
– conversing in Spanish outside the costume
– paying “diez dollares” for a bottle of water (pesos, silly)
– enjoying rice cakes
– holy poop I’m in a different country (taken directly from the journal…it was all very surreal)
– used washroom in moving vehicle – probably the hardest thing to do in life especially if you have horrible balance to begin with – closest I’ve ever come to actually falling in for real – 2000 flushes on my pants? No thanks
– got searched for weapons before boarding the bus
– tacos!!!

– ate jicama
– basked in Mexican sun
– toilets with foot pedal flushers – what a good idea!! Sanitary!! (ok, I sometimes get excited about sanitary solutions)

– hugs from Mexican children
– shopped in the downtown of a foreign city

– mixed and poured concrete
– campfire in a wheelbarrow
– this last one is edited for content…haha it’s funny, email me if you’re really curious

– had a parrot on my shoulder

– gashed hand on drill press
– best ice cream bar ever in life

– green salsa for breakfast
– conversing with boys in espanol
– strange unexplainable tanlines

– Mexican crush! haha!
– sunburnt earlobes??
– green jello in Mexico

– climbed a frickin mountain
– ate gorditas
– ate cactus
– drank some Boing
– up on a roof at night overlooking Queretaro
– swung on a true tire swing
– pried children off of me after announcing that I was leaving in the morning
– got my hair braided

– saw a sunset from an airplane
– left a piece of my heart in Mexico


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