>the MINS student lounge

>Alright, it’s Friday, I have a six hour break in my schedule during which I park my behind in a comfy couch and work all day. I am currently situated in the MINS (Macdonald Institute…get it…MMMMacdonald INStitute) student lounge, and let me tell you, it’s been an interesting day.

Highlights include:

-Guy reading in a whisper to himself, laughing at what he is reading, and then saying, “c*** suckers” out loud, to no one in particular

-Awong came to visit, amused me for a good half hour or so, then left, and didn’t dispose of his Timmy Ho’s cup. It’s still here.

-tiny little guy came waltzing in wearing gold shoes…like, shiny metallic gold shoes. I laughed

-I read my facebook wall, and literally laughed out loud at a post left for me…Jimmy Chimichanga…hehe

-whispery reading guy came back for a group meeting, and turns out he’s loud, so I listened to music to drown him out. I was unsuccessful. Loud Guy was here for a good hour and a half.

-I ate lunch and glared at Loud Guy

-I facebooked Awong, telling him how whispery guy from before is now Loud Guy

-Mentally poked Loud Guy’s eyes out

-I watched a youtube video and had to stop it in the middle because I was laughing so hard. I have to finish watching it at some point today.

-the tallest girl I’ve ever seen in my life is sitting near me. At LEAST 6’4″…shocking

-my pen lid acted as a projectile and went sailing into the air, at least 10 feet up. I have to go find my pen lid now.

-ate some soy yogurt and reminded myself of the reasons why I should never eat soy yogurt. When will I learn?

-oh wow, Tall Girl just got up, tripped and almost bailed on me. Now she’s gone. It took her two strides to get out of the lounge…I’m seriously in awe.

I did get some work done, I promise. People watching is fascinating. Next on my agenda is writing a little bit of my paper, buying something sweet, and then driving over to my next class (stats…hence the something sweet). My life is so thrilling, I just thought you’d all like to read about it.


6 thoughts on “>the MINS student lounge

  1. >NO! I will NOT try the following updated web browser. Stop commenting on my blog, you tool.Oh! That stats class I mentioned was cancelled due to a chemical spill! Bonus!

  2. >Who are these people and why are they so concerned about what web browser you use? Weirdos.People watching at Waterloo is generally less interesting. It’s probably because there’s something in the water in Guelph. The guy with the golden shoes sounded cool though.

  3. >and probably someone near you was trying to get hisher work done and was like why the heck does this chick keep laughing to herself?? freak. . . . jk love you haha.

  4. >I mentally threw my pen towards the eye of a girl in front of me in class today who was giggle flirting with the guy next to her. And gold shoes. Man. I wish I could pull that off.

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