>Good Morning!

>My dad walks really heavy. I’ve always known this, but since moving to the basement, it’s become much more evident to me. Every morning, at approximately 5:30am, I wake to muffled thudding noises coming from upstairs. You can hear other people walking around upstairs from my room, and it’s never been an issue. But Dad’s walking shakes the pictures on my wall. I wish I was exaggerating, but trust me, I’m not. Here follows our usual morning conversation:

Dad: “Goooooood morning Tootie.” or “Have a good sleep Schnooks?” or “OH HI!!!! GOOD MORNING!!!!!!” (This is usually yelled)

Me: (grumble grumble) “Hiya Stompy. Thanks for beating my alarm today.” or “Gee, I could just throw out my alarm clock, and it’s all thanks to you, Stompy.” or “UGHHHH YOU WALK SO LOUD!”

Today Dad comes home from work, stomping all over the place as usual, yelling, “Where’s my Amanda?” He finds me diligently working on my papers (hah) and I say, “Hey Stompy. How’s it going today?” Dad replies with (now, are you ready for this?):

“Oh, just banging in there.”


4 thoughts on “>Good Morning!

  1. >I spent the last two years with rooms with people above me. At bible school, we nicknamed them the ‘elephant girls’ (no reflection on their appearance, we didn’t actually know them). My first year in KW it wasn’t so much the stomping as the REALLY creaky floors and my landlady doing laps in her room every morning. Last year was getting a bit better, but the muffled thuds would transcend my earplug capabilities some mornings.

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