>WoW Bob

>Today was a lovely day. I had a nice little nap in geography. Some of us girls went to Bob’s Dogs for lunch and Bob is our favourite person at Guelph now. He’s marvelous. Everyone needs to meet him. The event was thoroughly documented by me, only because I was the only one not partaking of a glutenous Bob’s Dog. I went to Melly’s and swung in her chair hammock. A Cascada dance party broke out, but now there is a slightly embarassing video of me doing the mashed potato floating about. Oh, and we all thought we were going to die in Stats (loud noises!). Mel slept through it all.

The other day I was asked if I ever stop smiling. Ever. I took it as a compliment. Smiling is my favourite. The perma smile faded today due to exhaustion. It’s still there, just not as permanent.

Dashboard in….12 days?


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