>play me a song piano man

>Sunday night I got a whopping three hours of zees due to a stupid stupid geography paper. It was weird to wake up this morning and feel refreshed.

The day started off with mom saying, “I wish you didn’t have class today. I feel like shopping.” So we went shopping.

Who knew that Waterloo Town Square had a guy playing a grand piano from 12 till 2 every day? Mom and I sat and drank chai tea lattes in a little cafe while listening to Mr. Awesome play. It was fantastic.

Next semester, I’ll be home from Guelph by 10am Tuesdays and Thursdays and plan on sitting and absorbing all the piano goodness. (You are welcome to join me in the gloriousness of this event.) We spent the rest of the afternoon galavanting around Uptown Waterloo, and it was wonderful.

Tomorrow should be an excellent day, and I can’t wait :o)


2 thoughts on “>play me a song piano man

  1. >Yeah really . . . shopping. sheesh. Hey let’s go sometime. I heard this really good jazz piano & flute this am on the way to school. the flute player was Herbie Mann . . or something like that.

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