>Kerry says I’m the Cheat

>Feels like I haven’t posted in awhile. Caleb’s got the Regen blog up and running, and it’s pretty cool so far, despite lack of participation. The email got sent out today with the big blog announcement, so hopefully we’ll have more joiners.

This past weekend was the oh so anticipated Fort night on Albert. I haven’t played in a fort in a mighty long time, and it was quite the event. It consisted of curry (gluten free and delicious, I might add) learning how to break dance from “Breaker” and “Freakazoid”, A Very Midi Christmas album, movies, stand up comedy, buy the sketchiest thing at Farah’s (Pam won with the shaved, smoked beef jerky that smelled like dog food), and of course “lets all make fun of Steve’s obvious hick-ness”. I had warm feet, and everything was peachy, until the fort broke a bit and I got whacked on the head with a hockey stick. It only added to the experience.

Sunday was an amazing but overwhelming, but still very amazing day. Overwhelming but amazing days seem to be a theme in my life lately. The boy band rocked our socks, we laughed so hard that we cried, had a marshmallow fight in front of children, went to an all girls improv practice (panini!!) and explored the church with Jake and his keys at night.
I was IN the stage….here are some pics….yes…INNNN the stage..haha.

In other news, my mom threw marshmallows at me and started and all out marshmallow war. Sounds a little strange, I know, but it has happened more than once at the dinner table. I love my family.


2 thoughts on “>Kerry says I’m the Cheat

  1. >I think marshmallows have it in for you. Oh girls doing improv… Who needs all those boys with their fear of commitment? Quitting, not showing up, telling us they’re going to quit and then sticking around when it suits their fancy, but getting all offended when WE don’t email THEM. We do just fine without them. Nothing wrong with a paper bag.

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