>Short and Sweet (like me!)


Ok kids, thanks for all the subtle hints to make it shorter. My fingers tend to ramble when I let them type.

Ok, Ty (or should I say “Tindiana Jones”..hah!), this guy at school looks like you and Matt Damon combined. It’s uncanny. Rachel, I totally forgot about parpar. It made me laugh, thank you. And you should only buy the violin if it can make the string fart noise, and the mouse trap noise. That is essential. Jason – *wave*. I guess Lenny forgives me for the two-timing at the party…between Krispy and Bond, I really got around.

Today was a rather heavy day. Lots of tears, lots to think about. It sounds bad, (and it kind of was) but it was really good, trust me. If I had one, I’d be wearing one of those buttons that says “Ask Me for More Information” but I don’t have one, so just pretend that I do.

Tonight was “make something” night at church. I knit alot, and Kerry gave me a really long djembe lesson. I enjoyed it a whole bunch. I really get excited when people are patient enough to teach me stuff, because I love learning stuff. Especially music stuff. And drumming stuff is fun because you can hit stuff. And stuff.

Was that short enough??


4 thoughts on “>Short and Sweet (like me!)

  1. >That was nice Mandabits. Good length. Of course Lenny forgives you for going around with me, I created him, he trusts me. And I mean, if my wife can snag a guy like Bond, I guess it’s more of a compliment to my good taste than anything…

  2. >wait wait wait. hold the phone. who is lenny and are you dating him? if so, why did you not tell me you were dating someone? also-lenny is my dad’s name.uh oh. i totally don’t remember what the mousetrap noise is. i am sorry. please remind me.

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