>My room is back to being an igloo. I need to pull out my electric blanket. I was thisclose to plugging in my seat warmer in the Bastmobile today, but I didn’t want to make myself more comfortable in case I fell asleep on the drive home. I think that was the best Christmas present I’ve ever received…hooray for warm cheeks! I think the only thing that could top that is crazy warm socks. With little heaters built right in.

I fell asleep in geography again. I was dozing before the prof even started talking. At the end of class the prof says (while looking directly at me): “Ok, I’m going to stop there for today because I’ve noticed quite a few people dozing off.” The thing with that class is that I can’t ever fall asleep comfortabley (or fully), because the chairs are slippery and spin-y so I’m afraid of falling off….Oh Axelrod…

One story of note: Us girls were doing our weekly Wednesday afternoon stats assignment. We were discussing a question about the percentage of people with type O blood, and said something about 0.7 % of a person in 10 people would be Type O blood. A few minutes later Tom who looks like Matt Damon, wakes up from what we thought was a dead sleep and says “Just picture a guy with no arms!”

Know what…I like blogging but I’m disappointed with the lack of comments. As far as I know, two people read my blog. Maybe three. I say you post a comment. Do it.

Oh, the following is for Rach:
-oh man, that got a little messy
-can you show me how to do logs on my calculator?
-Who do you think you are, you function son of a bracket?
remember that one girl with the crazy bangs? and the other girl who looked like she was from Arther? and strings class? and sitting in the back of orchestra not playing a single note? and skipping strings to eat mixed nuts at donuts and deli? and Mr. Showers’ purple lunchbox? and the all around creepiness of Mr. Carter? and your story about seeing Clausi in Timmy Ho’s? and my stalker who “grabbed” me? (I am still so scarred and afraid when I see her on campus!) and that guy who was living in the park that tried to pick you up? and all those times the three of us mixed all that random crap together and drank it? and all those times we talked about farts and made William turn red? and the flagpole arms in math class? and yelling at Will for shushing us? and that one time Gill yelled at me in math class? and that one time on the bus on the way to a feeder school concert and Dan was…EW. I’m not going to type that. OH I miss you. We must get together SOON.


7 thoughts on “>coldcoldcold

  1. >You post so much it’s hard to keep up with all the comments! I’m cold too. Everything else on this post was some sort of Guelph inside joke, so I’m not sure what to say. Just a note, the word ‘do’ is a short form for doody. When you get married for real (not our sham of a marriage), I hope I’m there to make you giggle when you say ‘I do’.

  2. >Stalker? Grabbed you? you need a bodyguard or something. And i keep on forgetting you have a blog here. there’s no star beside your msn name anymore, so i don’t know that you’ve blogged. though it seems like you do it a lot.Jason ps. *wave*

  3. >amanda! here is a nice long personal comment just for you.i must have to concur with the two people who posted already – you post a lot and its hard to remember that it’s here! but it’s okay if you are cheating on MSNSpace with blogspot, as long as its not MySpace because that would just be gross.THANKYOU for that personalized section!! awwww! i feel so loved. i am shocked and impressed that you remember all of that. i would have had to sit there for hours to think of all that. well done. and no, i don’t remember your stalker. i remember the weird guy who sat beside you at lunch and stared at you and stuck out his tongue. i am surprised you didn’t mention the parpar table, cuz that is flippin hilarious!! the homeless guy had an awesome pickup line. he held up a half eaten stick of summer sausage and said “want a bite?” lol, so sexy.oooh Dan… oh dan dan dan. that is all for that subject.shushing will – i like embarrassing him. ive hung out with him several times since we all started uni and every time i make it a point of doing it. heh.you forgot to mention (old) mrs bauman’s lovely sweatshirts.and trash compactor.i think i might go back to edss this week to ask mr lenz’ opinion of my violin…yesss for getting together. when do you have classes? wednesday, thursday and friday nights are generally good for me.oh… i have a blog too now. it’s at http://www.xanga.com/raychillsuecheck it out, although you can’t comment unless you have a xanga membership. talk to you soon!

  4. >Hey, listen I read your blog okay, but yes: be concise!! brevity is the soul of wit . . . and much else, I’m sure. So. less words, less intimidating, more enticing to read . .. maybe less often too. But I do very much like your background.

  5. >I usually read your blog as an excuse not to do work. Thanks for all the memories…of procrastination. And I’m pretty sure that I’m the only person you know who looks like Matt Damon.

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