>I’m melting..

>That was a gross post yesterday. I apologize. I feel quite a bit better today. Yay!

Today was an interesting day. Skipped Geography….couldn’t hear anything that the Physio prof said (mumbley pants!) and kept nodding off in Stats. Oh Gerarda…I’m sorry.
Us girls got alot accomplished today – finished Stats assignment two days early (heck jyeah!) and Sills and I did some fun shopping. Verboom told me that I was a “vehicle geek” today. Cut me some slack, I love the Bastmobile. I spend alot of quality time in there, it gets me places, only natural that I show it some love every now and then. Haven’t decided what gender the Bastmobile is. I think of it as more of an asexual being.

Speaking of cars…I was behind this car on the Hanlan and it made me giggle. An I heart Canadian beef bumper sticker, a Farmers feed the world sticker, cowboy hat hanging from the rearview mirror….and…..an Aggie sticker on the back window (I wasn’t really that surprised). In the parking lot today I also noticed this bumper sticker: “A girl needs two animals: the horse of her dreams and a jackass to pay for it.” Clever. Only at U of G, folks.

I’m in the process of planning a wicked awesome costume for Saturday’s costume spectaculaire (is that a word?). It will be sweeeeet! Can’t wait.

Chris Carrabba makes me melt…does that make me emo?


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